Security Door Systems

Record's FlipFlow provides a high level of security for a range of applications. The user-friendly one-way security entrance system delivers a range of solutions to meet a variety of requirements. Featuring state-of-the-art mechanics and construction, enhanced functionality and practical modularity, it provides safety and security
folding doors

Bi-Fold Door Systems

Bi-Folding doors are necessary when the full width of entrance is too narrow for sliding doors. They are simple to retrofit, and integrate well into existing entrances. Typical applications for the record 4500 series can be found in restaurants in the passage to the pantry, for example, or from the kitchen to the dining area.


ICU Manual Sliding Doors

Healthcare environments are challenging. The need for a doorway to rapidyly provide breakout capability in the event of emergency care is always required.

ICU doors are specified to provide an unobstructed view of the patient and as a space saving technique
ICU doors are used to prevent possible delays in critical life safety situations
swing doors

Swinging Door Systems

When cost considerations dictate that simple yet efficient swing door systems be specified, record-USA's swing door operator options ease your selection process by offering a wide range of applications and openings in which to choose from.

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